Kevin Spacey Says New ‘House of Cards’ Is Among ‘Best’ Done

Kevin Spacey Says New ‘House of Cards’ Is Among ‘Best’ Done

Los Angeles (AP)– Has Donald Trump made “House of Cards” outdated? Don’t rely on it, states Kevin Spacey.

The star, who stars as a power-hungry South Carolina congressman who connives his method to the presidency, says the upcoming 5th season of “House of Cards” is “among the very best” they’ve done and his Frank Underwood is just as backstabbing and sly as in other seasons.

” This year, in particular, there’s been a great deal of commentary about how we cannot compete in the real world, so it’s not going to be as intriguing and the program can’t possibly be as insane as the real world. And my answer to that is, just you wait. Just you wait,” Spacey said Monday with a laugh.

In the series Underwood conspires with his better half to amass power in Washington through blackmail and betrayal. Despite his character’s manipulation, Spacey encourages audiences to become associated with politics.

” It’s actually rewarding, it’s truly worth doing,” he said. “Whether that’s stuffing envelopes for something you believe in or finding out what your community center requirements.”

Next month, Spacey will be hosting the Tony Awards and the June 11 telecast might be the night audiences get to see Spacey sing and dance once again.

“Well you understand there is an amusing custom in the Tony Awards where individuals sing and dance so who am I to break the tradition?” he asked.

The 5th season of “House of Cards” premieres May 30 on Netflix.

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